Cadmium Free Zinc Anodes

The increased concern regarding pollutant discharges from ships, has generated the need for a Cadmium Free and eco friendly Zinc Anode Alloy.

The The most popular Zinc Anode Alloy used in the marine industry is the ASTM B-418 type I which contains up to 0,02% of cadmium, which is highly toxic and carcinogenic.
In order to reduce the harmful cadmium discharges, OCEANIC is now casting Zinc Anodes using the ASTM B-418 type II alloy, in which cadmium is considered as impurity and it’s content must be limited to 0,003% maximum. Compared to type ASTM B-418 type I, the ASTM B-418 type II, offers increased open and closed circuit voltage, which is making it more suitable for use in less conductive environments, in exchange with a small loss in capacity and efficiency (up to 5%).
All Zinc Anodes purchased from OCEANIC will be cast to ASTM B-418 type II unless specified differently.