Marpo Marine and Industrial Services ltd is a Private Company, founded in Greece in 1976, dealing with the design and applications of:

  • Cathodic Protection (Sacrificial Anode Systems, Impressed Current Systems).
  • Electrolytic Antifouling Systems (Marine Growth Prevention Systems).
  • Rubber products for marine applications

Our wide range of products and services can give solutions for either on shore, marine or offshore applications.

Marpo Marine and Industrial Services Ltd is the exclusive representative of Corrpro Companies Europe. Corrpro Group is the world leader in Corrosion Control.

Apart from being an exclusive representative of the Corrpro Group, Marpo Marine and Industrial Services Ltd is also the approved maker of Wilson Walton Marine Sacrificial anodes, either Zinc or Aluminum, for the Eastern Europe Region. Our services extend worldwide either from our Piraeus based personnel or through the Wilson Walton network of agents.

Our company manufactures under license the full range of WWI marine anodes, under the same specification and the high quality standard of the WWI group.

The company is Managed and Directed by Capt. Dimitris I. Vourlidis

Our office is situated in the center of Piraeus. We are equipped with latest technology electronic equipment for cathodic protection studies, power system service and office communication.


Marpo Ltd. can provide the following services from Piraeus to all European ports or World wide through the Group network.

  • We can supply high quality Cathodic Protection material or Power System at very competitive prices. Sacrificial anodes (Zinc, Aluminium, Magnisium), Impressed Current Anodes (Silicon Iron, Mixed Metal Oxide, Platinized, Laser Silver), Antifouling replacement anodes (Aluminium, Cooper, Iron, Platinized). We maintain a stock of Wilson Walton (Aquamatic) and Capac ICCP spares.
  • Our technical staff can design any Cathodic Protection system (utilizing either Sacrificial Anodes or Impressed Current) or Electrolytic Antifouling system.

Quality & Quality Systems

Wilson Walton International has been granted a Lloyd's Register certificate of quality approval and quality management, copy of which is attached. All our sacrificial anode products are manufactured according to the Group standards and comply with US Mil ones also.

Anodes are spectrographically tested and individually marked with a heat number. Certificates of conformity and chemical composition for individual batches purchased available on request.

List of Customers:

Our customer portfolio includes more than 300 Greek and foreign companies, most of them working exclusively with our firm for more than two decades.